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How to calculate the fundamental factor for more energy, charisma and attractiveness in your professional and private life as a entrepreneur or busy Professional.
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Calculate the fundamental factor and what role it plays in your success.
— Why the fundamental factor is crucial to your success: Understand how your physical and mental resilience directly affects your job performance, your influence on others and your well-being.
— Calculating your fundamental factor: A simple, practical guide to determining your personal factor based on your data.
— Specific action items after determining your fundamental factor: concrete steps for three possible scenarios - whether you are already in the ideal range, below it or above it. Find out how to optimise your situation.
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Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda ist Charisma & Effizienz Coach für Selbstständige, Unternehmer und Vielbeschäftigte, die effizient mehr Ergebnisse im Business und Leben wollen.
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Our head office is located in the modern Peak Regus building in Munich.
From Munich, we digitally support clients all over the world & help them achieve their personal charisma look transformation.
Miguel Miranda, CEO of MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH at Putzbrunner Straße 71-73, Munich, 81739, Germany.